Taipei Blockchain Week 2022 | Events


 #TBW2022  Taipei Blockchain Week 2022

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#TBW Day1

Our Founding Partner Ivan Li at the Taipei Blockchain Week in Taiwan on December 12th from 1:00pm to 1:35pm, where he will be speaking in a panel discussion featuring all the renowned venture capitalists: Arthur Tan, Adrian Lai, Ben Wee, and Akio Tanaka. - Web 3.0 Venture Investing East vs. West. Definitely going to be an engaging and insightful session. Join the conversation!


Arthur Tan (Matapac Group)
Adrian Lai (Newman Capital)
Ivan Li (Red Building Capital)
Ben Wee (
Akio Tanaka (Infinity Ventures Crypto) 

#TBW Day2

We are honored to host the official side event on December 13th from 6:30pm to kick off #TBW2022. Whether you would like to compete in the tournament for a shot at the “Beer Pong King” title or simply just enjoy the spectacle with a few drinks, the night will undoubtedly be one to remember.

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#TBW Day5

Red Building Capital is co-hosting a Private VC dinner with Infinity Ventures Crypto , Newman Capital, and Cherubic Ventures on December 16th. The Dinner is a series of private invite-only events for venture capitalists and thought leaders in #TBW2022.



Given that the nature of web3 investments is borderless, it’s a norm you see much more cross boundary investments in different regions. This is actually quite extensive and scalable in terms of venture growing.

The action-packed 5-day event saw some of Web3’s brightest minds come together to connect with the community and explore the latest innovation throughout the industry. It showcased Asia’s position as a key crypto player and showed how advanced the industry is in the region. We are super excited to be part of #TBW2022 and open for more partnerships, to form a better ecosystem together!