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Red Building Capital is the first venture capital firm in Taiwan that focuses on the integration of blockchain, emerging technology, and digital integration. It uses the setting of Venture Studio to enable venture capital. We not only invest capital but also contributes to helping start-up companies grow in business. The team has extensive experience in traditional finance and innovative technology. Members come from Fortune 500 companies such as TSMC, Quanta Computer, Texas Instruments, Foxconn, PCHome, UBS, and MetLife. In the next few years, we imagine that the future blockchain technology and the digital new economy will significantly impact our society, economy, information security, Internet of things, supply chain, and other industrial applications. Thus, we embed in the industry determined to coexist and prosper with startups and investors.

Named after the symbolic red building in Taiwan's top academic institution, Red Building creates a network. From the vertical flow of resources from outstanding alumni to the horizontal integration with major investment institutions and listed companies and a solid connection with the academic world. Based in Taiwan and looking at the world, with the core team and investors' international vision and network resources, it helps Taiwan's startup companies to expand their business in different countries and cities. In the early stage of new venture investment, "people" are the most important factor. Therefore, we are actively looking for entrepreneurs who are full of enthusiasm and ambition, vision, and strong execution ability to participate in these technological innovations in the early stage, and invest funds in the seed round and Series A, accompany it to grow and thrive.

Red Building Capital pioneered the "pre-investment management" system. Before investing capital, the target company’s products or services are tested by existing corporate customers for verification. Whether it is a POC or a contract, it means that the product’s market fit is outstanding, and it proves that it has real market demand which can greatly reduce the risk of early investment. After the investment, the Red Building Labs within the Red Building Group is also used to help start-up teams in business development, technology integration, and market connection, so that start-up companies can obtain actual application scenarios of products or services, establish complete sales channels, and generate profit, increase revenue, and perform post-investment management.


Red Building Capital has always believed in the power of software. Softwares allow humans to hand over the complex models and ideas they have learned and thought to the computer, and implement them in a simplified manner. In recent years, Red Building has also discovered that the impact of blockchain has further changed the social structure within the software, that is, the relationship between entrepreneurs, investors, and users. Since the advent of the blockchain in 2008, this brand-new technology has reduced the cost of "trust", using mathematical principles and game theory to fundamentally solve the long-standing trust problem of human society from an economic point of view. As long as the mathematical model is correct and logical and the programming language is reasonable and efficient, then blockchain technology can completely change the way human society interacts and trust each other and establish a new economic model, which is the new generation of Web 3.0. Unfolding the history of technological development, there has been a new wave every 10-15 years, and many unicorns born from it. From the PCs and personal mobile devices in the late 1970s, the most representative ones are Intel, Microsoft, and other giants. The Internet in the early 1990s created unicorns such as Google, Amazon, and Yahoo. In the late 2000s, smartphones and mobile networks enabled companies such as Apple and Facebook to still occupy the top 10 list of companies in the world. The next wave will be led by forward-looking technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud software services, and IoT to further improve human lives. Red Building Capital also believes that many unicorns will be born from it. Since 2017, we have been involved in the blockchain industry and introduced it into real life as a solution in the fields such as information security, supply chain finance, and data governance.

Because of the Internet, the speed of information transmission has grown by several orders of magnitude, and new types of applications have also been created. Browsers based on network visualization, such as Netscape, and e-commerce platforms such as Craiglist and eBay, and search sites such as Yahoo and Google. When the smartphone matured, there are social platform applications such as Facebook and Instagram. Finally, when the Internet matured, killer sharing economy applications such as Uber and Airbnb have emerged. The software applications mentioned above are super software with billions of users. The world is constantly changing and evolving because of them.

Blockchain technology is developing at a rapid rate. This feels like the early days of the development of the Internet. We have seen financial institutions, technology companies, venture capitals, developers, and users continue to flood into this new industry. In addition to using blockchain services, funds and time have also been invested in trying to create more advanced software applications. We are seeing the success of Linux based on Opensource Software. The open environment allows more professionals to quickly and iteratively develop better software, and the development of blockchain technology is rapid and tremendous. It is also due to the architecture of open-source software. In addition, peer-to-peer interaction has also greatly improved the efficiency of information transmission. One of the most notable companies is Skype, which most of us have experience with. Blockchain also uses the characteristics of its decentralized database to provide point-to-point transmission functions, avoiding the possibility of single-point crashes, simultaneously improving security and privacy.

Blockchain is like an upgrade for the Internet. It not only transmits information quickly and reliably but also enables the transmission of assets and value. This is a breakthrough across the ages. Red Building is deeply involved in this, hunting for and cultivating these future unicorn companies. We work closely with investors and entrepreneurs to create the flow of resources while assisting the team in the development of the projects. Embedded In the new era of the digital economy, Red Building Capital is determined to accompany startups and cross every hurdle such as the market cycle.


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